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In recent years, student recruitment has become both essential and increasingly complicated. Higher education institutions must constantly balance the need to enroll more students so that they can continue to provide excellent services and the need to enroll only the most qualified students to ensure that institutional standards remain high. Schools must also consider the changing demographics of students and the diversity of their academic needs. With students more and more conscious of the real ROI of higher education and the looming specter of student debt, there is a definite push to make higher education more accessible, affordable, and relevant to the global job market.

Alongside traditional academic structures and instructional methods, many institutions now offer extensive online and distance-learning opportunities, and many employ student recruitment agencies to manage the recruitment and enrollment of students for this new generation of programs. But the collaboration of brick-and-mortar institutions and online program management agencies brings new challenges to the student recruitment sector, and both agencies and schools can benefit from expert consultation.

Keystone Academic Solutions has been on the front-line of digital student recruitment since 2007. Our team has the combined experience and vision to provide research-driven recommendations and forward-thinking solutions for modern student recruitment plans. We understand the market and can anticipate trends, which lets you optimize your strategies to ensure that you get the most qualified enquiries. Our unlimited recruitment packages offer the best value and ensure a positive ROI for your programs. At Keystone, we work to promote your programs organically, so that no matter where your prospective students are located, no matter what their academic goals, you will find the right students to build and succeed in your school.

Привлечение иностранных студентов

Keystone Academic Solutions хорошо известны сложности, связанные с привлечением иностранных студентов.

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Привлечение студентов в учебные заведения Великобритании

Рынок высшего образования Великобритании отличается высоким уровнем конкуренции, так как на нем присутствует более 850 образовательных организаций, имеющих право выдавать дипломы об образовании или организовывать курсы, по окончании которых выдается такой диплом.

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Привлечение в учебные заведения США

Соединенные Штаты принимают у себя наибольшее в мире количество иностранных студентов. Почему?

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